Emergency locksmith service – Different Ways to Improve Security

Front Door 

The first line of defense is the front door. This should preferably be solid and fitted with a rim lock and a 5 lever Mortice deadlock and a Mortice bolt. To raise the level of security, fit a door chain and a door viewer.


Exterior Doors

All exterior doors should be fitted either with 5 lever Mortice deadlocks or if they are Multi point locks with a cylinder .The cylinder should be flush with the door and you should use an anti snap or a break secure cylinder.


The most common means of entry for burglars, fortunately window locks are available to fit all types of windows and your local locksmith will advise you on the type best suited to your windows.



Good lighting can be protection against burglary and criminal damage. We recommend lighting that comes on at dusk and stays on until dawn. 


Garage and shed

Secure and lock your garage or shed. Burglars often look for ladders or tools to force entry to your home.



CCTV have improved greatly in recent years. All recorders now have a minimum of 20 day recording straight on to a hard drive and also the possibility to view the cameras live over the internet at no extra cost.