Commercial Locksmith Tips: Types Of Doors For Your Office


There are many commercial locksmiths in Singapore who are always available for serving their customers. We are also one of the popular locksmith companies who serve the customers when they need to open a lock, break a lock, make a new key etc. Here are some problems, which we take care of.

Stuck key

Sometimes people insert wrong key in the lock and it gets stuck. New keys for the lock can also cause the same problem. Our staff can solve the problem very easily and will also repair the new key so that it does not stick when the lock is being opened or closed.

Broken key in lock

Sometimes key stuck in the lock and when people try to take it out, it breaks inside the door lock Singapore. The problem happens when the person tries to open a lock in a hurry. The person can use different types of tools to take out the broken. If he does not succeed, he should call us and we will bring out the broken and will also make a new key for the lock.

Frozen lock

This problem happens in the month of winter when the locks freeze. The persons can either use low heat or call us and we will resolve the problem of frozen lock.

Car locks

Sometimes car locks do not open or the driver may forget the key inside the car and lock it. The car locksmith in Singapore will help them to get out of this problem.

Commercial locksmth

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Types of Doors For Your  Offices

Types of Doors For Your Offices